Creating A AAA Fire Hydrant

    Included in the course:

    8 hours and 30 minutes of footage (no timelapses, everything is done in real time)

    Reference images.

    All save files, final model and textures.


    Hello everyone!

    in this tutorial we will be going over on how to create a AAA fire hydrant from start to finish.

    The goal of these courses is to teach you a solid workflow that we also use in the AAA game industry.

    For this model we will be using the high poly to low poly modeling technique.

    This will mean that we will first create a high poly model of our fire hydrant, then we will turn it into a low poly.

    and then we will move into uv unwrapping.

    We will be doing all of this inside 3ds max.

    Once that is done we will move into marmoset toolbag 3 in which we will bake all our texture maps.

    And then we will go into substance painter in which we will create our final textures.

    While using substance painter we will also still be using marmoset toolbag for previewing and also for the final render.

    I hope you will enjoy this tutorial!

    and stay tuned for more episodes